1. One that returns after a lengthy absence.
  2. One who returns after death.
Get a Move On......................



memories pave the way into tomorrow

Fly into memories undone

See the brightness in a day begun

Don’t be looking at a fallen moon

Stand back and stroll away soon

Into you're very next page…run

Don't pretend...really have fun

You see that brilliant star

You know you can reach that far

No time left to borrow

Be off... go see tomorrow




If I ever forget to say just stay, as a way of never drifting apart, would you turn when you think I can't see, or remain at my side as bright turns to gray?

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These trees are now alive, dancing with gold in their veins, flowing wisdom to the soul, renewing a tranished drive

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I never sing of rainy days, I only sing of sun filled moons, I always sing of what I lived, .... all those days in between. Ah hear my words to you and feel my soul in tunes, let me tell you what this world holds for me

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so.....let's just

think that events come out of nowhere... hurled at us from a random universe.  I think that to a significant degree, tomorrow comes straight out of today, today out of yesterday and yesterday from a sometimes seemigly remote past.  The pages here contain pieces of my yesterday, today and tomorrow... Various writings, ramblings and thoughts.  From a thinking point of view I have been gone for a very long time.   It seemed that my net contribution could be likened to that of an absence or death... as the silence of the missing.  These pages will now hopefully represent a return.


in brief
Pat King
Sometimes no explanation can be offered or needed as you wander the stepping stones. So, just click your way through this site

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Alzheimer's: ...on how it may be from within
the inner eye

My mother and father were married for 50 years, with my mother passing from the ravaging ways of Alzheimer's disease on the day of their 50th anniversary.  I was with my father on that day and shared in his loss.  My father was my mother's caregiver and companion until the very end of life.  Of her disease he wrote >>>> on how it may be from within >>>> click here to read

a thought for now

Mmmm, mmm it’s another fine day.
Just rambling on my way.
Back to where the words roll soft,
And the dreams carried me aloft
With their promise to be understood.
Pointing out the way as if they could.
Each dream a thread in my time rubbed coat,
Woven into a brightness wanting to gloat.


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